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Colorado camper van transit

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The Pop Top. Six dimmable LED lights illuminate the sleeping area with a warm glow, and are operated via a remote control and wall mounted dimmer switch. A dual USB port at the head of your bed allows for charging phones and tablets while you sleep. Our dual lift system is the most robust in the industry, and operates via both remote and wall mounted safety switch. Ford E Series 'current. Nissan NV. Replacement top and tent material. Do it yourself kits. We offer DIY kits for many of the vehicles listed here.

The top is pre-wired with a finished interior. No welding is required, but this is not a project for the everyday DIY'er. You should be a well versed and skilled trades person. Gross Weight: lbs.

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Build Time approx. Base Pop Top Pricing:. Popular options:. Prices subject to change without notice. Expect pop top projects to have a month lead time. Check out. We can put a pop top on any of these vans We install pop tops on low, mid and high roof vans. We install pop tops on passenger vans, too! Do it yourself kits We offer DIY kits for many of the vehicles listed here. Pop-top Gallery.

Check out our Interiors. Let's get started. Screen Shot at 4.We believe a life filled with adventure is a life well-lived. Our vans are an investment in both the tangible and intangible qualities of life: own a van, gain the memories that make life rich. We can put a pop top on your mid or high roof van! Check Out Our Complete Offering. Two to Four. Lots to store. The Adventuremobile. Base camp. Pop Top and Basic Interior. The Pop Top.

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Pop-top only. The Dine and Dash. The place to sit and talk about.

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Colorado Camper Van began its journey in —. Just a wee sapling of an idea nestled in a Big Thompson Canyon garage, where what began as a personal challenge to build a better pop-top quickly turned into a full-blown business. Word of the new design spread and customers started to pile up. Inthe floods put a wrench in the growing business, stranding vans in the canyon, and cutting off access to the workshop.

An effort to extract them went underway, navigating the vans through a mile network of flooded dirt roads. Colorado Camper Van now operates in a 14, sq. Loveland, CO warehouse, far from its beginnings, but staying true to its homegrown roots.

Since Two to Four Lots to store. Want More Options? Our Work. Our Story.

colorado camper van transit

Colorado Camper Van began its journey in — Just a wee sapling of an idea nestled in a Big Thompson Canyon garage, where what began as a personal challenge to build a better pop-top quickly turned into a full-blown business.This is my beautiful little escape pod.

I bought it with the intention of keeping it long term, yet an opportunity to live overseas is calling my name. I hate to see it go, though I must move on. It has super low miles 28K, brand new tires, solar, roof fan, insulation, bike rack, bed build out, bluetooth, utility and water cans, everything one would need to escape the city and go off on an adventure.

It is also a great daily commuter, stealth sleeper, and gets great gas mileage. I recently lived in it off and on while traveling through California and Oregon. The van has new tires and drives great. I am also open to reasonable offers.

Last Updated 3 days ago. We are not directly involved in the sale of any camper listed here. Please contact the seller directly for more info about the RV and to purchase. Although we welcome any comments below, keep in mind that the seller may not moderate this post.

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This E Econoline Recreational camper van is one of a kind, perfect for the outdoors. Some basic features on the inside include custom bamboo cabinetry throughout, refrigerator, 2 […].

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Recent Ads. Ad Disclaimer FordCamperClassifieds. Previous E in Denton, TX. May 22, ColoradoFeaturedUnited States 0. April 14, ColoradoUnited States 2.

2014 Transit Connect in Denver, CO

September 11, MontanaUnited States 4. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Winnebago continues to build its reputation for camper vans. It's already established itself as an American camper van leader with its line of campers built atop vans from Mercedes and Ram. Now it introduces the all-new Paseo, a Ford Transit-based camper combining comfy living space with EcoBoost-powered driving.

While we'd love to see a production version of the Concept Adventure Vehicle unveiled at this week's Elkhart Open House, it looks like the new foot 6. The Paseo launches with one available floor plan, the new 48P.

This layout puts the dinette in the back on a raised platform that gives the cross-cabin Flex Bed optimal space and creates below-floor storage. In addition to transforming into a 53 x in x cm double bed, the dinette area includes an extra-long, passenger-side bench that can serve as a single bed, no need to move the table or adjust any cushions. There are also four seat belts for passengers. Since it's all the way at the other end of the cabin, the dinette doesn't rely on swiveling driver-cab seats to serve as dining area seats, as more forward kitchens often do.

Inbetween the rear dinette and driver's cab, Winnebago has installed a passenger-side galley with standard camper van kit: two-burner cooktop with glass cover, stainless steel sink with glass cover, and Corian countertop with fold-down extension.

Also located on the driver's side, the bathroom includes a space-enhancing curved sliding door, a space-saving fold-down sink over the toilet, and a flexible shower head. A closet stands between the bathroom and refrigerator. The Paseo cabin and water are heated by a Truma Combi Eco Plus heating system and the cabin cooled by the standard roof-mounted air conditioner. A W solar charging system is available optionally. The gal When you're inclined to step outside, the outdoor living area provides a nice way to sit and take in some fresh air and scenery.

It includes a standard powered awning with LED lighting and wind sensor-based auto retraction. Below the awning, exterior speakers connect the outdoors to the onboard Bluetooth-equipped sound system.

An exterior TV jack adds more entertainment versatility.

colorado camper van transit

Screen doors on the side entry and rear double doors let the fresh air into the cabin while holding unwanted pests and debris back.In a phone conversation, we can generate a detailed quote and send to you via email.

If the finer details of the quote change between paying a deposit and the final build, but it is wise to get on our schedule to meet your timing needs. Note that deposits are not refundable. We can normally get your project started in weeks. We need the vehicle for 2 full weeks. We'd love to show you our place! Please set up an appointment a few days week or so is better and we can give you an idea of what projects we are working on. We don't have a showroom or standard vans, so what you see will depend on our current project but you can be certain we are putting on pop tops any time you stop by.

The best times for a tour are M-Th after 3PM when production is complete for the day, or Fridays between 9 and 2. Sportsmobile Top Replacement. Depending on model of the van. Nissan NV. Replacement top and tent material. Ford E Series. Special Tops. We can make tops for nearly any vehicle. Kits are complete and pre-wired, but are recommended only for highly mechanically inclined installers.

Kits require no welding, but cutting metal, de-burring and other general mechanical tasks. Most pop tops require the vehicle to be in our shop a minimum of two weeks while interior projects require weeks. The height of our pop tops vary based upon the vehicle and options such as fans, air conditioning, and roof racks.

Winnebago launches Ford Transit-based Paseo camper van

Pop top height ranges from inches and options could add as much as another 18 inches. A van with a pop top will not fit into a standard garage. The bed area can support over of distributed load. While the exact weight will vary depending on the make and model of the van, a system will weight between and 's.

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Colorado Campervan beds are the largest you can get. The interior height is 40", from bed top to pop top, and the bed size is roughly 50" wide and 78" long, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

That makes it about the width of a double and the length of a super-king. According to the Magnuson-Moss Act, adding an aftermarket part to a vehicle cannot void a warranty that involves a part of the vehicle not impacted by the addition of the pop top.

Camper Van Conversion

The burden of proof is on the auto manufacturer to prove that any work done on the vehicle had a direct impact on the item in the warranty that is problematic. Yes, we can as long as it is one of the vehicles listed above. The best van is the one you like to drive.

Generally speaking, a Transit will drive most like a car, and the Sprinter most like a truck. Think about how you will be using it. Only certain models can be 4x4 converted. Each has its own interior height, wheel bases and cargo bay length. Give us a call and we can learn more about your specific wants and we can provide guidance.

If you are planning on an interior conversion, we prefer an empty vehicle, and note that passenger vans can present some limitations due to side curtain air bags.

colorado camper van transit

A lot depends on the unit you have and the electrical system of your van.See Cost And Labor page for detailed breakdown: faroutride. Full breakdown: faroutride. Maintenance and repair cost should be taken into account when choosing a van. Here is our Ford Transit maintenance and repair log book since DAY 1 of ownership June ; we keep it up-to-date so hopefully it helps you choose the right van!

Hi Antoine, I purchased your electrical diagram and it has been very helpful for us. Most other people ground their system directly to their van, but your diagram does not include that. I am interested in doing a van build. Possibly a roof fan. Where do I start on what inverterbattery, what solar panel, and how much electricity would I be using? The heavy duty alternator will handle the extra demand better and last longer.

I am pretty handy but this is sooooo Useful. Again wow. Can I send you money? Some climbing gear maybe?

colorado camper van transit

Thank you for all the info! I want my van to be able to go into cold zones so that is a big benefit that you set up your van for colder weather. Would you consider a smaller stove now that you been in the van for awhile?

I like a roast every once on a while but cooktop cooking and a slow cooker might be enough for me. Any thoughts? I appreciate any suggestions. We do use the oven quite often to make muffins, cookies, heat up pies or else, roast, etc. For weekend adventures, it would probably be not necessary. This question might be more for Isabelle, depending on the cooking staff of the FarOuts. You guys have been cooking in the van for more than a year now, in a van sized not a home sized kitchen.

I bet by now, based on some of your pictures, you have some van favorites.This page is for personal, non-commercial use. When it's time to eat or simply enjoy each other's company no phones while camping! Three can sit on a forward-facing bench, while the two front seats can swivel degrees to face toward the rear. The Nuggets also offer a fold-out table with two chairs and an awning if it's a nice day to eat outside.

Nugget buyers will have the choice of one engine with two specs, a 2. That's paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic. According to Ford, new motorhome sales in Europe surpassedunits for the first time and have shown strong grown in recent years. Ford has not released pricing for the Nuggets, but interested European buyers can see the new camper vans at the Brussels Motor Show going on now.

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Westfalia helped develop Ford's adorably named Transit Nugget camper van The long-wheelbase version is called the Nugget Plus. Tony Markovich. Share 0 Comments. Image Credit: Ford. Europeans love camper vans and caravans trailers, to us Americans. And Ford of Europe is once again appealing to a lifestyle that has retained popularity over multiple decades and multiple generations.

Ford unveiled the Transit Custom Nugget camper van with an upgraded look, new features, and a fully livable interior to be sold directly through select dealers. Compare Now. Sign in to post. X Sign in to post Please sign in to leave a comment. View More. See Local Pricing. I'm not in the market for a vehicle at this time. Please move this suggestion to the side for 30 days. Thank You Thanks for subscribing. Check your in-box to get started. Sign Up More Info.

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